Configure brackets and matches

Guide on how to configure bracket formats and schedule matches
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Bracket types

  • Single Elimination: A common tournament format where half of all participants are eliminated each round (and the winning half continues to play) until a winner is decided. Participants are eliminated after they are defeated.
  • Double Elimination: Similar to the single-elimination, except a team is not eliminated after the first defeat - they get a second chance in the lower bracket.
    Every team starts off in the upper half of the bracket, and after one defeat they will continue in the lower half of the bracket - a defeat in the lower bracket results in elimination. Naturally, this bracket will take longer than a single-elimination bracket.
  • Round robin groups: Teams are matched in a group of equal sizes, where each team plays against each other at least once - each encounters outcome providing a score. Round robin format can be combined with single or double elimination as playoffs stage.

You can decide to not have a bronze match, the teams eliminated in the semi-finals will then share the prize pool for the 3rd and 4th place.

Rounds and matches

There are two methods of how to edit format for matches. It depends if you want to adjust settings for a single match or the whole round.

🧡 Tip: The rounds and matches feature will save time when it comes to the setup of larger brackets or the scheduling of "regular-season" matches.

Edit a single match

  1. Find the match in the tournament bracket tab or the matches tab.
  2. On the match click "settings."
  3. adjust your settings and hit "save."

If you want to adjust all matches follow the steps below.

Adjusting round

  1. Go to tournament settings. Click on "brackets"
  2. On the top of the page click on the tab "rounds and matches".
  3. Extend the view by clicking on the arrows, from there you can find all the matches in any round.
  4. Adjust the settings for the desired match, round or the whole bracket. Don't forget to click save and the bracket will be automatically updated.

Good luck! 💥

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