Learn what in-game ladders are and how to play in one.
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What is an in-game ladder?

Playing in ladders is a concept in which you are joining the in-game matchmaking and based on your score you get points on Challengermode.

We support in-game ladders for:

The in-game Ladders can be found on the Overview page of League of Legends, PUBG, or Dota 2. To get there, follow the links above or click on the game for which you want to play in Ladders for, in the left menu bar.

Ladders in Spaces

To view your Space in-game ladders, simply go to the Space page and click on the "Ladders" tab located in the Space menu.

Join the ladder

You can now choose which ladder you want to play, based on your in-game ranking. There are a variety of ladders that you can join such as daily, weekly as well as subscription ones. You can opt to join in as many ladders as you want!

Once signed up to the ladders you can turn to your game Client and score the victory!

❗️Note: Your game account has to be level 30 and verified in order to compete.

We also have a video showing you how to join a ladder step-by-step!


Depending on the ladder joined, you will be required to play a number of games in order to receive a score.

  • You can play as many games as you like during the length of the ladder, but only the best games out of the total you played will determine your total score.
  • Your position and status will update automatically to reflect your current score.

❗️Note: Once you join a ladder, you are not able to leave it until it's been completed.

Scoring (applies for League of Legends and Dota 2)

The scoring system is described in the bottom right of the ladder. In short, winning games and getting kills, assists and gold will give you points.

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode. 

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