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This article explains how to connect your Paladins game account to your Challengermode account
Written by Mikael Lidstrom
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If you want to get started with Paladins on Challengermode, you've come to the right place!

By navigating via the Add Game sub-menu, you should have been able to find your way to the Overview page for Paladins. You can also find the page here.

To get started with connecting your Paladins game account, locate the Add Game Account button located just underneath the game title, Paladins.

Enter Account Name

By clicking the Add Game Account button, a new window will appear in which you will be requested to enter your Paladins Account Name.

Enter your Account Name and click the Find button.

What is my account name?

You can find the Account Name of your Paladins account by starting up Paladins.
The Account Name is then located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Verify Account

You will now be requested to Verify your Paladins Game Account.

To verify your account, you need to create a loadout, for any character, and name the loadout with the code you have been given on Challengermode, in this case, the code is C8l0.

Create a Loadout

To create a loadout, go back into Paladins.

In the Main Menu, click Champions.

Select any of the champions displayed in the Champion Select screen.

It does not matter if the champion is unlocked or locked and it does not matter which champion you create the loadout for.

After selecting a Champion, you will find a horizontal menu at the top, continue by clicking Loadouts.

All available loadouts for this champion will be shown on the left of your screen.

It will say Create New Loadout in any slot that is empty. Click one of the empty slots to start creating a new loadout.

To create a loadout, you need to select a card for each of the five empty card slots.

As for the verification purpose, you can just randomly select cards.

To start adding cards, simply click any of the empty card slots with the text Empty Slot and choose a card. Do this for each of the five empty slots.

Level up cards

Make sure you level up the cards so that you have used up all 15 available points.

You will not be able to save the loadout until all points are spent.

Again, as this loadout is simply for verifying your account, you can randomly spread out the points.

To level up a card, click the + sign underneath the card you wish to increase in level.

When you have a full loadout and have spent all the points, it should look as on the image below.

Now that the loadout is set up, you need to rename the loadout with the code given to you on the Challengermode platform.

Edit Name/Enter Code

To edit the name, click the pen icon in the upper center of the loadout screen.

A new window will appear in which you can enter the desired name for your loadout.

I enter the code given to me on Challengermode and continue by clicking Done.

Save and Exit

When you have done all the steps above, you should have a properly set up loadout, with the name given to you on Challengermode.

To finish this process, go ahead and click Save and Exit at the bottom of the Paladins in-game screen.

Verify Game Account on Challengermode

After saving the Loadout, go back to Challengermode and click the Verify button in the Add Account window.

Game Account Successfully Added

If you did all the steps above correctly, your Paladins Game Account is now connected to your Challengermode Account!

You can now see your Paladins Game Account located under the game title on the Paladins Overview Page.

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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