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There are two ways to keep track of and manage your tournaments - the Bracket and Match tabs. Each a powerful tool, but with it's own pros and cons!
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There are two ways to keep track of and manage your tournaments - the Bracket and Match tabs. Each with it's own pros and cons.
Learn how each of them work so you know which one to use at any given time - and which of the two might suit you the best overall!

Either via Bracket tab or Matches tab


This is where you can find the tournament's bracket. Not only is it a great way, visually, to see the format of the tournament - but it's also a great place to manage the tournament as an administrator of the tournament.

As a player, it's a great view to see  where you are in the bracket and what opponents you potentially have in store.

Show / Hide Admin UI

Based on your needs, you can decide to either Show or Hide the Admin UI.

The Admin UI will provide you with all the tools you need to manage the matches in your tournament. The tools you usually find, and still can find, in Match Details or the Lobby View has been added to the Admin UI in the Bracket.
This means that you now can Undo a match, Force win a team or Report the results in any match in your tournament directly from the Bracket view!

When having the Admin UI toggled on, the buttons in the example image above will be displayed for all matches in the bracket. Different options will be shown based on the state the match is in. The different tools available are;

1. Undo Match

2. Play/Pause Match

3. Report Results (Current Game)

4. View Match Details

5. Force Win Team (Current game)

Simply click the button for any action you want to take, and thy will shall be done!


The Matches tab gives you a clear overview of all the matches in your tournament. It's a control panel where you with ease can manage all matches in your tournament.

With functions such as searching for a team, or filter matches based on their status, it gives you all the information you need to effectively, and with speed, be where you need to be and do what you need to do.
Whether it's a smaller tournament with 8 teams - or a large tournament with over 1024 teams participating where navigating through the bracket would be bothersome.

You are able to use filters for the list in order to only keep track of the matches that are of interest to you at any given time.

You can filter your view based on the matches current state, whether it's Ongoing, Upcoming or Past - meanwhile, the All filter will show all matches in the tournament independent of it's current state.

In addition, Admin Actions allows you to filter the list of matches based on if any match is waiting for an Admin to take action, such as breaking a tie for example.

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