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All information needed to configure and administrate your CS 2 tournaments.
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Game specific settings.

Game Rules

Game modes

Choose which game mode your tournament should be. Bomb defusal being the standard competitive for 5v5's, and Wingman for 2v2's and Aim Standard for your 1v1 aim map duels!

Max rounds

Decides the amount of max rounds there can be per game, the standard competitive format for 5v5's is 30 rounds.

Veto Style

Determines the order of the map veto, who bans/picks first, and how many maps are banned before the one that is played is decided.

The veto style will adapt to how many games there are in the series.

Map Pool

Decide the map pool for the tournament, if no maps are selected it will default to the current active duty map rotation.

For game modes other than Bomb Defusal it will default to our recommended selection of maps instead.

Automatically ready up players in game

When the server is up and players join they will be automatically readied up after the amount of time that has been chosen.

If this is not enabled players will have to ready up manually on the server using the "!ready" or "/ready" command.

Live Config

You have the option to add server settings to the config using RCON commands.

These commands will be ran on all servers when they are started in your tournament.

Additional information regarding which RCON commands are explained later in this guide.

Server Settings

Server Recovery Method

Determines the method to decide where the game resumes in case of a lobby restart, or server crash.

A backup can still be manually loaded in the case of no options being preferable.

The options are:

  • Restore latest backup

Will restore the latest backup that was saved and continue the game from there.

  • Restart game

Will restart the game from the knife-round with no backup loaded.

  • Admin selects round backup

Will wait for an admin to manually decide where the game should resume from, eiither a full restart or from the selected round.

Server providers and Custom Server Pool

Challengermode uses DatHost as it's main server provider, which is the default option for all our organizers, we do have other server providers available, but they do come with additional costs usually.

A list of all the server locations provided by Dathost, and which region, country and city they're located in, can be found here.

Organizers can also request to add their own custom pool of servers, in case they want to use their own, this is usually a need for organizers that are hosting tournaments in their own local region, that might not have servers readily available for them.

For more information regarding this, please contact our support.

Location pool

Determines the pool of locations available in the veto, if only one location is selected it will skip this veto.

Leaving it empty will default to our default European preset of server locations.

CS 2 Backoffice

Challengermode's CS 2 backoffice enables tournament organizers to manage some aspects of the server directly. The backoffice becomes accessible the moment the lobby is up and running.

These features are in the backoffice:

  • Adding coaches
  • Changing server location and map
  • Backing up rounds
  • Running RCON commands

The backoffice can be found here

Inside the active lobby of a match there find several tabs in the lobby, such as Lineups, Veto, Settings, Chat and Backoffice.

Backoffice is located furthest to the right, click this tab to access the Backoffice tools.

How do I add a coach?

Teams can draft a coach if you are allowing it in team settings. In that case, it will be automatically assigned and you don't need to take additional actions.

However, you can do that manually as well. You will see the panel of "Coach settings" if you scroll down in the Backoffice overview.

It will allow you to choose the team you want to add the coach to and insert the coach's SteamID.

How to change the server location or map?

The panel "Force Map/Server Veto" will help you to achieve just that!

  1. Pause the game.
  2. Select the server/map you want to change to.
  3. Clock Force Selected Map or Force Selected Location.
  4. On the top of the lobby press "Force fail".
  5. The new lobby will be created.
    You can click "Force start" in the Lobby Overview, the new server IP address will then be generated. All players will need to connect with the new IP.

How do I back up rounds?

If you change server in the middle of the match, or need to backup rounds for any reason, you can do so by going to the "Backup Settings" in the Backoffice overview. You are able to restore previous rounds here.

How to run RCON commands?

By sending an RCON command, you can remotely manage the server.

The list of all available RCON commands for our servers can be found below. Multiple RCON commands can be run using a semicolon to separate them.

RCON commands

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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