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A tournament can be customized with different graphics to change its appearance.



The thumbnail you choose for your tournament or ladder is what players see first when browsing for competitions on Challengermode. Like with most things, a good first impression can mean the difference between a player clicking on your tournament or not

⛔️ What to avoid:

  • Non-tournament related elements
  • Small graphical elements
  • Small text
  • Too much information

💚 Wins:

  • Put your logo front-and-center
  • Use your brands/logos main color
  • Include the prize pool
  • Using bolder fonts
  • Be consistent with your designs


The banner is displayed at the top of the tournament page and will be visible in all the tournament tabs, e.g brackets, matches, and teams. The banner acts as a background image that should give tournaments the look and feel of your community, organization, or brand.

⛔️ What to avoid:

  • Logos at the bottom of the banner
  • Too many logos (instead, upload your organization logo separately and add any sponsors logo in the Sponsors section)
  • Tournament details
  • Social media links

💚 Wins:

  • Use your brands/logos main color
  • Get creative with your branding


The logo appears on the upper left part of the page when the Tournament Overview tab is being displayed, as well as in lists and notifications about the competition.


Here tournament information can be added alongside with options to rename the tournament and add links for any point of contacts and any related videos.


This information will appear on the Tournament Overview page for any user that visits a tournament. Usually includes:

  • Introduction of the tournament and the organization behind it.
  • Overview of the rules.
  • A description of the veto process - if one exists.
  • Additional game settings.
  • Communication channels - who are the main point of contact.

🧡 Tip: On tips for how to format the text, simply click "here" for instructions and help.


# Introduction to the tournament #


**Main tournament details**

- Detail 1

- Detail 2

- More details can be found in the **[rulebook](link)**.



Please leave a link to your **[Discord]()** or another communication channel where players could reach you.


**Veto/format processes**

- Map pool/mods

- Veto process

- Other game-specific settings that are not mentioned in the "Game Settings" section


Video URL

Any videos relevant to either the tournament or the organizer can be added in this field (By link - YouTube, copy the embed link).

Contact URL

Provide an URL for how the participants will be able to get in touch with the organizers or the admins, a Discord server link is common to put here!

Good luck! 💥

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.


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