Group stage custom scoring

Configure a group stage with custom points for a win, loss, draw and overtime.
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Tournaments with a round-robin stage differ in the number of encounters or groups, but there is also a difference in how points are assigned, even within the same game title.

Custom round-robin scoring

When Groups is selected as the tournament format, the Round Robin Scoring tab will automatically appear in your tournament Bracket settings.

Here you can select how many points a team will get per win, loss and draw. Points will update in real-time, so if you do changes to an ongoing tournament, standings will also update.

Custom scoring for overtime

In some competitions, participants get different points if the game reaches overtime. That is game-dependent and is available for some titles, for example, Rainbow Six Siege.

How do I know if I can set this up?

  1. Go to your Tournament settings and find the Game section
  2. Find Support custom overtime scoring and toggle it.

When you complete this step, head back to Brackets and you will find additional fields under Round Robin Scoring.

Good luck! 💥

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