Setting up the group stage

Guide on how to create tournament with group stage
Written by Mikael Lidstrom
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When do I need a group stage?

  • You have a league with regular seasons.
  • You seek to extend playtime for teams in the tournament.
  • You want all teams to play against each other.

Groups on Challengermode support round-robin format, so if that's something you are looking for - keep reading!

How to set it up?

Under Brackets in your tournament settings, you will discover various combinations possible for competitions with the group stage. That includes groups only and different groups variations with single/double elimination playoffs.

After you choose Groups, additional fields will appear, which will allow you to customize the format.

  • Number of groups - how many groups you would like to have in total.
  • Teams per group - number of teams in one group.

When the fields above are filled, the maximum number of teams will be adjusted automatically.

  • Encounters - how many times teams will face each other.
  • Teams going to playoffs - the overall amount of teams that will qualify from the group stage to the playoffs.

Seeding to playoffs

Number of groups

Seeds into playoffs




1st vs 2nd

3rd vs 4th



A1 vs B2

A2 vs B1



A1 vs D2

D1 vs A2

B1 vs C2

C1 vs B2


The first tiebreaker is always head-to-head, and it will be resolved automatically if there is a clear winner. Otherwise, you will see a "Tied" alert near the group name. Click on the group in which you want to break a tie, and at the bottom, you will see a "Break tie" button. You will be able to easily resolve the tie with the drag-and-drop system.

Good luck! 💥

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