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Managing teams, understanding players' permissions
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They are the power that comes to help front-line players into the battle if someone is wounded. In other words, if someone from the main roster cannot play, substitutes can replace those players. But, of course, that needs to be enabled in tournament General settings.

Adding substitutes during the tournament

If the substitutes option was enabled and the team didn't have one when registering, they can add it during the tournament with your permission.

Note: Players needs to be part of the team on Challengermode to be invited to the team in the tournament.

  1. The captain or coach invites the player to the team in the tournament.
  2. As the tournament is already ongoing, a Tournament Admin need to approve this invitation. Go to tournament settings, and you will see an alert next to Roster Changes under the Manage section. From here you can approve the team's request.
  3. After the player accepts the request, the captain or coach can swap them into the active line-up.

Note: A player always need to approve an invitation to the team, they cannot be forced to join.

Lineup changes can also be executed with admin help:

  1. Go to Teams/Participants.
  2. Find the team that needs assistance and click on it.
  3. First, you will need to Invite member if that has not been done yet. After that, you will still need to hit approve in Roster changes.
  4. After the player accepts the request, you can click Edit Lineup. Select the player in the main lineup of the team that needs to be sawpped, and then pick a player from the substitutes. In the Edit Lineup screen you can also assign a new captain by clicking "•••" next to the player you want to make captain of the team.

Note: Lineup changes will affect only in the following lobbies, so if the current lobby is running, you will need to Discard it.


Coaches play a vital part and sometimes they even act as managers for their teams.

That's why coaches also have permission to:

  • Edit team lineup.
  • Report the game score.
  • In CS 2, coaches are not currently available - hopefully will be soon.

Good luck! 💥

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