How to play Matchmaking

Some Spaces and Games might have Matchmaking, this article will explain how to sign up to a Matchmaking queue in a Space
Written by Mikael Lidstrom
Updated 3 days ago

If a Space you are a member of has a Matchmaking Queue enabled, it's a perfect chance to play some friendly games with other members!

To find out if the Space is hosting any Matchmaking Queues, go to the Space and look for the Matchmaking tab.

Sign up

If there is a Matchmaking Tab, there will be at least one Matchmaking Queue that you can sign up to there as well.

To join a Matchmaking Queue, simply click the Join button!

Once you've signed up, a timer will start.

As soon as you find a match, you will have to Ready Up for your lobby to be set up - after both teams have Readied Up, your game starts!

You can leave the queue at any moment by clicking Leave Queue.

Match found!

Once an opponent has been found, both teams have to Accept the game before the timer runs out - both teams have 60 seconds to Accept the game.

By clicking Accept and then Go To Game you will be redirected to your Challengermode Lobby for this game, from there - join the game and start playing!

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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