Substitutes and lineup changes

Learn how change the team lineup with substitutes or stand-ins during a tournament.
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  • Substitutes or stand-ins are allowed in a tournament if the team size label has a "+1" or "+2", e.g. 5+2.
  • Switching, "subbing", out a player from the main lineup with a substitute must be done before the next round of a tournament has begun. 

Adding substitutes to your tournament team lineup

During the team drafting process, you will be given the additional option of adding substitutes. These players will be able to play in later rounds of the tournament.

The drafted team and it's substitutes are shown as usual on the Tournament Overview page. From here you can add or remove additional players and switch players from the main lineup with players who are substitutes.

Substitutions: edit the team lineup in an ongoing tournament

To sub out players from the main lineup with substitutes, click on Edit Team (like below).

This will bring up the "Edit tournament team lineup" view:

  1. Click on Edit Lineup
  2. Then click on the player currently in the main lineup; this will flip their positions.
  3. Click "Done". Your team lineup should now be updated on the Tournament Overview page. 

Please Note: The changes in your lineup will not be reflected in the current round/game. So make sure to plan ahead and change players for the next game or round in the current game if possible. *

Invite new team members to an ongoing tournament

You can invite new players to your tournament lineup from your Team IF there are still free substitutions slots (e.g. 1/2 filled):

Inviting a new player into the lineup that wasn't drafted before the tournament started will require admin approval. Make sure to contact an admin right away if you wish to include the invited player in the upcoming round.

*A tournament game will count as started when the tournament game lobby has been created. This is when the tournament system will take the current main lineup and give them access to the lobby (and server or tournament code).

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