What can I do with money on Challengermode?

What can I do with the money that I've deposited or won in competitions?
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  1. Withdraw your funds through a connected payment method (bank or PayPal) and spend them however you'd like! You need a minimum of €10 to withdraw. Read this article for further details.
  2. Buy a subscription in a Space to gain access to high-tier competitions!
  3. Use your funds to enter paid competitions such as pay-to-enter tournaments with bigger prize pools.
  4. Create your own tournaments and fund them with money from your Challengermode Wallet.
  5. Buy esports services from the Marketplace, such as coaching sessions or casters for your tournaments!
  6. Save it! Your money is not going anywhere and there will be more options for spending your money on Challengermode in the future.

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