Challengermode General Rules

General rules for Challengermode.
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Tournament Administration

Rules and tournament administrators can vary.

For any tournament that provides you with contact information to the tournament administrators, you need to turn to them for administrative help. You can find available Admins for the tournament in the field titled Admins in the tournament overview, located in the bottom right.

Most organizers will provide you with a link you can use to contact them, you can find this link in the About section of the Tournament Overview, or via the Contact Admin button.

If no such link is provided, please contact Challengermode Administrators for assistance.

Challengermode Administrators

Questions and issues can be directed to, and handled by, any Challengermode Admin (Indicated by the CM Admin badge). Any decision made by the Challengermode Administration is final.

To reach out to Challengermode Administration, please use the on-site Support Chat via the Question Mark (?) icon in the bottom right.

English is the preferred and official language used in all public Challengermode chats. Whilst there are some admins or mods who speak other languages, it is best to communicate via English in the Challengermode Support Chat.

Grievances or Disputes in a Match

If you run into complications with your match on Challengermode, please contact the tournament administration.

If you are part of a team, please communicate internally within the team about what you want to bring up with the tournament administration, then let the Captain of your team contact the administration to make your case.

This is to ensure that the tournament administrators get a clear picture of the situation and can assist in a fast and concise way.

Code of Conduct

Practice respect at all times

Regardless of time or medium, respect should be exercised at all times with anyone on Challengermode, be it Challengermode staff, tournament administrators or players.

Misconduct and Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

This includes but is not limited to:

  • In-game
  • Chats on the Challengermode platform (Including but not limited to Lobby chat, Tournament Chat, Private Messages)

Toxic behavior, flaming and unsportsmanlike behavior are not allowed.

As stated above, be respectful to your opponent.

Suspensions & Disqualifications

Any form of cheating, hacking, exploiting, and abusing in-game functions will result in a permanent suspension from Challengermode.

 Challengermode admins can at any time and for any reason demand that you record POV (Point-of-view) demos.

Failing to provide the Admins with a demo on request is automatically disqualified from the competition.

What happens if I get disqualified?

If you are disqualified from a tournament you, and your team, are instantly removed from the tournament.

This action can not be reversed.

If one or several players in a team, participating in a 5v5 tournament, is suspended from the platform, the entire team is disqualified as you are not permitted to participate with an incomplete lineup.

From a competition point of view, this means that any matches you or your team would participate in are concluded with a Walkover Win for your opponent(s) as their opponent (you/your team) has been removed from the tournament.

What happens if I get suspended?

If you are suspended from Challengermode, you lose all access to your account during the suspension.

Different types of Suspensions

Temporary Suspension

If your suspension is temporary, you will be able to log in to your account again as soon as it expires. You will find that everything is there just as you left it, including your game accounts, the funds in your Challengermode Wallet, stats, teams, etc.

Permanent Suspension

If you are permanently suspended from Challengermode, you will lose all access to your Account permanently, and will not be permitted to create any future accounts on Challengermode.

Any game accounts, PayPal accounts, the funds in your Challengermode Wallet, stats, teams, etc. will be locked, together with your Challengermode account.

Creating any future accounts, in this case, would be considered "ban-evading". This would result in an immediate permanent suspension on any additional account you might have created.

If you want to make an appeal regarding your suspension from Challengermode, you need to contact us at and make a detailed case regarding your suspension.

Do note: Suspensions will not be discussed in the live support chat.

Different causes for Suspension


The different ways a player can cheat or exploit game features may differ depending on the game.

Refer to specific sections in this article for details regarding our anti cheat policies.

If you want to find out more about what happens to someone who is cheating, you can read about it more in detail in this article.

Any player who has been playing in the same team as a cheater will receive a temporary suspension of 3 months. If the behavior is repeated - it will result in a permanent suspension from the platform


You can be suspended for Toxicity. If your toxicity is deemed extreme, you can be suspended during your first offense. Racism, sexism and threats are regarded as extreme toxicity. If a player has already received a warning earlier or is found to repeat his or her bad behavior one or several times they will be suspended.

Two strikes and you're out.

You can read more about our Toxicity policy here.


VPN Usage

Use of a VPN in order to bypass region restrictions will result in a 24h suspension from Challengermode and a permanent Ban from the Space whose tournament you tried to participate in without permission.

Report abuse

Submitting a report is not an action a user should do precipitously, without proper cause.

Before a user files a report the user needs to make sure it is done for a valid reason and that the evidence presented is legit evidence of the accused violating the rules and/or using cheats. Accusing in rage is to be avoided at all cost.

If a user submits multiple false reports, he or she risks getting temporarily suspended. This includes all kinds of reports.

Abuse of Tournament Admin / Support Chat

If a user contacts the admin support and exhibits false or staged evidence or makes attempts to misguide or interfere with the ruling of a case, or tries to circumvent implemented systems and rules the user may be temporarily suspended.

Ringers, Non-players accounts and Account Sharing

The players registered for the tournament are the only players permitted to participate.

You may only play with the game account registered to the tournament on Challengermode.

Account-sharing is also prohibited in regards to your Challengermode Account, you are the only one who may use your Challengermode Account.

Ringers or account sharing will result in disqualification and potentially suspension.

Multiple Tournaments

You are only allowed to participate in one ongoing tournament at the same time. You will be disqualified from the one that started last (most recently) if you are found participating in two or more tournaments that are currently running.

 The tournament administration will not take active action to forfeit players.

If you confirm that you will participate in a tournament, you agree to play the entire tournament to the best of your ability. If you are unable to participate in a tournament or a match you have Confirmed participation in - you are to refrain from Readying Up in your Challengermode lobby and let your opponent win on Walkover, which he/she will do as the initial timer expires.

However, if we notice a pattern of frequent walkover losses in your match history, you may be temporarily banned from the platform for disturbing the competitive integrity of the tournaments and refraining from competing to the best of your ability after signing up and confirming participation.

This rule does not apply to tournaments spanning over several days or in tournaments with scheduled start times for matches and other special events.

It's completely up to the discretion of the admins to decide whether you are playing in two or more conflicting tournaments at the same time.

 Participating in multiple tournaments several times may lead to warnings or suspension.

Delaying tournaments

If you in any way delay the tournament by participating in games outside of the platform (Solo queuing in-game, playing unranked games, etc) you may be disqualified from the active Challengermode tournament you are in.


Abusing lobby timers

If you Ready Up in your lobby and the "Match is to be complete in.." timer appears - you are to start your match as soon as possible.

 You are not allowed to postpone the match for any reason after appearing in your Challengermode lobby and readying up. If you do so, you may be disqualified from the tournament.

External ban

If you have an account that has been banned for cheating (or similar) on a different platform (Faceit / ESEA, etc.) you may be permanently suspended from Challengermode.

Steam VAC Ban

If you have a Steam account with an active VAC ban that is less than 2 years (730 days) old - you are not permitted to play on Challengermode.

It does not matter which game you got the VAC ban in, any VAC ban that is less than 2 years old will restrict you from playing on Challengermode.

Ladder Smurfing

You are only allowed to participate in a Ladder with your highest ranked game account, i.e if you have alternative accounts (smurf accounts) that are deliberately at a lower rank, you may not participate in Ladders, based on rank, with these.

If you are of higher rank, and found to be participating in Ladders for lower ranked players, you will be removed from the ladder immediately.

If you repeat this behavior you may be permanently suspended from the Space, and/or temporarily suspended from Challengermode.


Intentional teaming between two or more players, or teams, in ways that go against the rules and compromise the competitive integrity of the competition will be seen as cheating and will be judged as such.

Teaming results in a temporary suspension of 3 months, if the behavior is repeated - it will result in a permanent suspension from the platform.

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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