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Instructions for Challengermode's tournament wizard
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How do I create a tournament?

Before you make a tournament on Challengermode, you should make a space. 

Note: More information regarding spaces can be found here.

Once you have a space created you can create a tournament in the "tournaments" tab inside your space.

Tournament creation Wizard 🔮

  • Pick a game

Pick a game you'd like to host a tournament for.

If a game you want to host a tournament in is missing, you can contact us and request it to be added.

You can contact us at

  • Name it

Name the tournament - this can be changed later.

Make sure it complies with the Challengermode terms and code of conduct.


  •  Choose a team size

Choose how many players there should be per team.

  • Set a start time

Set a time for when your tournament is meant to start. Time is displayed in your local time zone.

Here you are also given the option to go into advanced options, if not then you're done with making your tournament.

Note: All the settings that are in advanced can also be found later in your tournament settings.

Advanced settings ✨


Bracket type - Decides the type of bracket that will be used, more info about each of the bracket types can be found here. This is also where you decide if a third/fourth place match will be played. (Bronze match)

Minimum participants - Decides the minimum amount of participants required for the tournament to start.

Maximum participants - Decides the maximum amount of participants for the tournament.



Here you adjust the ingame settings for your tournament.

  • If you are hosting a tournament in a game that has a automated lobbies, this will decide those lobby settings.
  • If you are hosting a tournament in a game that is not automated, this will only change what information is shown to the players. 

Games we currently support automated lobbies for: League of Legends, CS 2, Dota 2, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, Polytopia and Lichess.

More information regarding game specific settings can be found here.

Note: If you're new to hosting tournaments, these games are a good place to start.


Team size - Decides the size of the team.

Substitutes - Set the number of substitutes a team can bring with them to the tournament.

Coaches - Determines how many coaches a team can have, this is important for games like CS 2 where coaches need to be assigned to a team - they will not be able to enter the server otherwise. (Coaches are not available for CS 2 right now, hopefully will be in very near future.)

Team head readies team - Allows the captain or coach of the team to complete the check-in for the rest of their team.

Invite-only - By toggling this option, you will restrict people from signing up for the tournament without a invite.

Unlisted - An unlisted tournament will be hidden from the public, only users with a direct link can see the tournament.

Custom prize - Anything written here will appear in the tournament overview under Prizes. This is not needed if the tournament is funded since that amount, and how it's going to be distributed, is automatically displayed.

Tournament chat - Enables a public chat in the tournament overview. Useful if you're not using another platform for communication with players (such as discord)


Start date and time

At what day and time will the tournament start?

The start date and time will determine the exact moment when Challengermode automatically starts the tournament, this can also be changed as long as the tournament has not been started. Time is displayed in your local timezone.

Drive mode

  • Automatic - The tournament will be seeded automatically at the beginning of the tournament. All rounds and matches will be started automatically at the scheduled start time or as soon as possible.
  • Manual - The tournament organizer has to start all rounds and matches within the rounds manually. This can be especially useful when planning to cast some of the games, or if you want to take your time to manually seed your tournament.
  • Auto-start games - Removes the requirement for players to ready up in the Challengermode lobby and automatically starts all games instead.


  • Check-in period - The time that decides when participants can ready up to the tournament. For a team to join a tournament, it's required to register - then confirm the participation.
  • Go-to-lobby timer - The first timer in an active lobby is called the Go-to-lobby timer - to ensure that all players are ready prior to any vetos or server information is provided. If one team or participant fails to show up during this timeframe - they will automatically be disqualified.
  • Go-to-game timer - This is the amount of time each team's players have to connect to the server and start the game, this ensures that no game becomes inactive after the go-to-lobby phase.

Good luck! 💥

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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