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Learn how to add a game account for PUBG
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If you've followed the steps in the Add A Game Account article, the window below will have appeared.

PUBG In-game Name

Here you will be requested to enter your PUBG Account Name, you can find this Account Name in the top right in-game.

Note: Your PUBG in-game name is the name you've ch

osen in-game, i.e the name that is displayed over your character in the main menu.

After entering your Account Name, please click the Verify button to continue the process.


After clicking the Verify button, you will be provided with an in-game Lobby Name and Lobby Password.

In order to continue with the process, you need to join this lobby in PUBG.

In order to do so, Click Play in the main menu, then click Custom in the sub-menu.

Enter the name of the lobby in the Search field, you should then find the lobby in the list.

You will need to enter a password to join the lobby, this is also provided to you on Challengermode, copy the password and enter it to continue.

If you want to enter the password by typing it, you can click the "Show password" text in the Add Account window on Challengermode.

Once you have entered the password, you will join the PUBG lobby.

Remain in the lobby, you can at this moment go back to Challengermode and the process will automatically complete within a few minutes.

To complete the process faster, you can manually trigger the verification process by clicking "manually trigger a verification" at the bottom of the Add Account window.

If your PUBG account is successfully added, the Add Account window will automatically close, you will also see a Success notification in the top right corner.

You are now ready to participate in PUBG tournaments on Challengermode!

Running into other issues, or do you have additional questions? Feel free to chat with us by clicking (?) on Challengermode.

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